At the beginning I wanted to distinguish sketches from the projects to show a bit of individualism. Drawings were used for different purposes e.g for Web / App designing or printing materials such as bilboards, t-shirts, bags etc.


Below you can find a couple of projects related to communication that include digital and print design. Different tasks such as web / app design, corporate identity design, branding, logo, brochures, posters, book covers etc. Many times it wasn’t just creating, but dealing with much more complex projects that included design planning, design thinking, organising and preparing marketing campaigns etc.

3D Design

Mostly I use a 3ds max as a tool, but I know different softwares as well. I have experience in modelling, lighting, texturing, animation, particles. Preparing a set up for graphics and architectural visualisation.
author_Filip Janczak

Packaging Design

I have experience in creating packaging design to include the shape and general layout.


I love travelling everywhere. I like to go to places that don’t exist in Tourist Guide books. I need to find my own path in a new, strange world which I have just arrived. I love cities, but I always look into the easiest way to escape to nature. I choose public transport rather than cars, so I’ll have an opportunity to meet interesting people.