A few words about me…

Hello, you are very welcome to my website. I’d like to present some of my projects. It’s not only about the final product, but it’s also about the progress of designing. I decided to include disciplines such as web design, print design, packaging design, industrial design, 2D graphics, 3D visualisations, prototyping, gaming, virtual reality, photography and paintings. Some of my artworks are very old, some of them are better, some worse, well paid, unpaid, artistic, commercial, stressful, done for fun etc. Some of them I like more, some less, but they all had an influence on me and I know they will influence on my work in the future.

I have had a chance to see many projects develop from different points of view, such as  in the capacity of graphic designer, project manager and CEO. I’ve worked for design studios as a freelancer and I was teaching students about designing. Culture and Media studies including Management gave me a solid, theoretical knowledge that helped me to see the process of designing in a wider way and from a different perspective. I learned many great things during my internships, which were more orientated in management and organising. I believe that knowledge mixed with hight technical skills deliver great results. I try to learn new things all the time, follow trends and develop myself. I love to see a good design and find new technical solutions.

There is nothing impossible to do. I can design in 2D or 3D, work in printing or digital; software and the environment are only tools and coordinates for me. I try to combine strong technical skills with human sensitivity. I’ve worked on interaction and visual design, vintage and modern. Every part of design is important and every detail has to be focused on. To name a few softwares I know: Adobe Creative Cloud – Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, InDesign; Autodesk 3Ds max, Office softwares. Mac and Win user.