Every day is different, the mountain might be hidden in a cloud or visible fully in the sun, but it is always majestic and attract attention.

Canon EOS M50 with a EF 70 – 200mm, f/2.8L IS USM lens at 1/2500 sec, f/2.8 and ISO100 © Filip Jańczak

Holy Mountain

This is very famous spot in the region, Holy Mountain – Croagh Patrick. It is a big attraction for many tourist, pilgrims and anyone who loves outdoor activities. The biggest crowd is coming during St Patrick’s Day and Sea to Summit competition…

Climbing is not the easy task and it’s not for everybody. Starring at this mountain reminds me to do small steps for a big things.

Design from the Region

There is so many shades of different colours you may notice while climbing and the view on the top is just stunning.

Bag for your journey

Different bags and different colours for all occasions. 

Unique Mug

Every time when I drink a tea from this mug I have only pleasure memories

T-shirt with a style

Pick a colour and wear a unique design

Great quality

It is very important for me to deliver my designs in the best quality.

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Naturally everything comes from the passion. Later… is just design.

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