Night People / Poster

author_Filip Janczak

“Night People is an Irish anthology horror – comprising of three tales – from writer and director Gerard Lough. Clearly made on a low budget, that doesn’t dampen the enthusiasm and vision that Lough has pumped into the film.

Starting in a manner reminiscent of recent anthology horror V/H/S, two shifty types break into a house with a plan to burn it to the ground. While they wait for their window of opportunity, they entertain themselves by telling creepy stories. Each takes a turn, which forms the first and second stories of the anthology, and the wrap up with our two protagonists forms the third tale.

The first story revolves around a strange artefact, and the double crossing and doubt that can interfere with a friendship when greed and uncertainty sets in. The second, in a tonal shift, deals with a sexual “fixer”; a woman who makes a living arranging encounters for those with unconventional preferences.[..]” Read more