Blue & Yellow

I had a chance to see Stockholm in every season of the year and every time it was remarkable for me. I remember my first time there when lakes and bays were covered with ice. It was a winter time, there were only couple hours of sun, but it was enough to go for ice-skating or skiing. Even evenings wasn’t so dark because of little lights and candles in almost every coffee shop or restaurant. 

After winter there was a beautiful spring. I had a feeling that everybody was waiting for that extra bit of light and warm. People were everywhere, doesn’t matter if that was a park, woods or stone that could be used as a seat. With respect to the nature, everyone was outside, doing some outdoor activities or just catching rays of sun. Days were longer and longer, there was so much time for everything. Eventually Stockholm looked for me like the Swedish flag – blue and yellow. Flowers in those colours were blooming and the Sea with a bright Sun drew a line in the horizon.